Silit Compact Cookware Set Induction Cooker 4-piece Cooking set with glass lid Silargan functional ceramic nickel free

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Everyone who loves to cook needs a different pot, although some basic cooking forms have proven suitable for standard equipment. Silit combines these POTS in different sizes into a variety of options, so there should be no shortage of meat POTS and frying pans in any set. A three -, four -, or five-piece set usually contains meat, vegetables, and a frying pan with a lid and a pan without a lid. Anything that requires a lot of liquid to cook works well in a skillet because its edges are particularly high and nothing splatters when grilled, and it can also fit in pasta, potatoes and vegetables without problems. A skillet is a combination of a skillet and a casserole, with edges higher than the skillet and little grease spilling when frying. At the same time, the edges are lower than the meat pan, allowing the liquid to evaporate faster and you can easily flip the meat/vegetables. Silit sets can be supplemented at any time with single POTS or single POTS from the cookware range. If you're having a hard time making a decision, look for the right pot size for your stove based on your personal cooking preferences. Silit POTS can be readily supplemented with individual POTS in the cookware range.
The Silit Compact series of POTS and pans are made from Silargan® in a practical, stackable design that saves kitchen space. The cut and abrasion resistant, non-porous and nickel-free surface of the Silit Compact cookware provides authentic taste and natural cooking for everyday preparation of delicious dishes. The slender hollow handle reduces heat transfer from the pot, making operation easier, while the wide pouring edge makes the pouring drip-free. Thanks to the transparent lid made of clear quality glass, it is very easy to check the cooking process. Made in Germany with high quality craftsmanship and know-how, the Silit Compact cookware set is easy to clean in the dishwasher.
Product Features:
Functional design with compact stacking function
Hollow structure reduces the heat of the handle
Wide pouring edges, easy metering and no drip pouring
Transparent glass lid, easy control of the cooking process
Made in Germany
Suitable for all types of stoves, Induction cooker
Dishwasher available

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