Kanana project Women's Backpack PJ1-4th A4 size multi-functional No.67645

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The bag series

made of the idea of travel expert Takeuchi Nanjiang is the lightest series.
The back of the response to the hot summer water absorbent quick drying and anti-collision pockets and other times changes, the details are also very sophisticated classic series upgrade.
Based on the concept of "women's happiness Backpack" that mature women enjoy when they go shopping, the series focuses on the comfort and beauty of carrying.
The pocket and safety lock that can store small items needed for shopping are its highlights.
Can hold A4 documents (refer to the storage size of 31.3×23.1 cm)
● Pocket equipped with anti-virus, anti-bacteria processing fabric buffer pocket
● Backpack strap can be adjusted up and down, the cushion part can be easily fitted.
The back of the backpack strap and the back of the backpack are made of water-absorbing and quick-drying materials.
The main zipper comes with a safety lock to prevent accidental opening.
Front pocket with zipper for easy access to small objects.
● Internal organizer bag for small items and groceries.
● Bottle bags for plastic bottles, folding umbrellas, etc.
A detachable key hook inside the front pocket
● The main material is made of Teflon fabric with excellent water and oil resistance.
● With a strong leather handle to fit your wrist.

【 Series description 】Kanana Project Kanana Backpack < BR /> Popular program "Discover the world is wonderful! The mystery hunter (TBS), and even the world famous secret and fruit areas, is "Continuous travel Earth" Mr. Takeuchi Minami.
This travel expert Takeuchi and Ace jointly developed in order to "let travel women happy" as the concept of joint development of the superhuman bag series, attention to details of the classic series upgrade. Series lightest debut!

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