Kanana project Women erect activity Rucksack A4 13.3 "PC can hold PJ3-4th 67351

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The bag series made from the idea of travel expert Nanie Takeuchi [Activity Backpack (PJ3-4th)]
The "work backpack" featuring an open dual-purpose square has been upgraded!
Keep the female-centric support features for backpacker commuters and make it easier to use.
Simple design, suitable for practice and work.

● Can store A4 file size items
13.3-inch laptop storage (refer to storage size W31×H22×D2.5 cm)
● Includes a small organizer bag for main items.
The inside of the front zipper is equipped with "Vertect® pockets "of antibacterial and antiviral processed fabric.
Front pocket with zipper for easy access to small objects.
The left side is equipped with a zipper switch pocket for plastic bottles and other items.
Not exposed, can maintain a clean outline.
● Main zipper with anti-theft performance, do not need to open the security lock
Good security, easy to store valuables back zipper pocket.
Fasten the handle on the suitcase to prevent the bag from shaking.
● The back adopts breathable mesh material, which is not easy to sultry when carrying.
● Main materials Teflon ® processed fabrics with excellent water and oil resistance

Full of "Kanana" style functions, ideal for work and practice. A hands-free backpack is not only suitable for cycling to and from work, but also recommended for healthy people walking from a station.

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